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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Amanda's Halter Top Pattern

Amanda's Halter Pattern

Well sort of a pattern. I have never made something up before, and this is taken from many pictures I have seen from several places online and tried to figure out on my own. Therefore, it is not entirely my own idea so there is no way I would feel right about selling this pattern.
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Size: I made this for my 4 year old daughter, but I believe it can be made for any size
Hook - Bates G/6/4.00 mm
Yarn - Caron Simply Soft Brites
(I used Watermelon as the main color and Grape for the contrasting color)

With Main Color:

chain 30 (or what looks right for your child)
chain 2, turn
half double crochet in 2nd ch from hook, 2 hdc's in next ch, then
hdc in each ch across EXCEPT the 2nd to last ch, you will do 2
hdc's in the 2nd last ch and 1 hdc in last ch.
Ch 2, turn.
Follow above pattern (1 hdc, 2 hdc's, 1 hdc across, 2 hdc's, 1 hdc
in last) for 18 rows. (or untill it looks right on your child)

ch 3, turn.
Row 1: 2 dc's in first stitch, *ch 1, skip 1 stitch, 3 dc's in next stitch*
Continue the * to * across. (Mine turned out exactly even)

Row 2: ch 4, turn, 3 dc's in each space across.
In the last stitch do chain 1 then 1 dc in last dc of previous row (will make a straight side)

Row 3: chain 3, turn, 2 dc's in first space (right next to the chain 3 you just made)
ch 1, 3 dc's in each space across, including the VERY last space made by the chain 4 of the previous row.

Row 4: follow Row 2

Row 5: follow Row 3

Continue Row 2 and row 3 for a total of 9 rows and Finish Off

(or what looks right on your child)
(Amanda HAS to have her belly completely covered)

Make your last row a "Row 3"

With Contrasting Color:
Attach yarn at the bottom of the "top" on one side.
(between the top trapezoid piece and the bottom granny petal stitch section)
Chain 50, ch 1, turn, slip stitch back along chain (first side/waist tie made)
single crochet up along side of top section. at top corner, chain 50, ch 1, turn, slip stitch back along chain (first neck tie made) single crochet along top edge, when you get to the corner, chain 50, ch 1, turn, slip stitch back along chain (second neck tie made) single crochet down the next side, at corner chain 50, ch 1, turn, slip stitch back along chain (second side/waist tie made)


Ok, let's see how well I can describe this middle ruffle.
Starting where you ended the last tie, turn the halter top upside down.
You will see in the middle where you skipped a stitch, that is where the 5 dc shells will go. Sooooo..... (this seems odd, I know....) slip stitch into the first skipped stitch, *5 dc's in that same skipped space, slip stitch into next skipped space* what it should look like is a ruffle that covers the skipped stitches.
(If you know of an easier way to describe it, please let me know)

Here is a middle ruffle pic; hopefully that will help you understand:
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The ruffle goes in the stitch where the hook is thru.
You could finish off here or continue around the belly covering/skirt part in a single crochet border. I finished it off here.

You could also crochet something or other for an embellishment in the middle of the top and/or bottom corner of skirt part, like a flower, or maybe a critter that your little one likes. A kitty face would be cute!
Let me know if you find any errors or any improvments to make... thanks!