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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moon Tea?

Ok, so it's been nice and warm here lately, in the 80's and I have been having a craving for Sun Tea... ya know, where you put tea in the sun to brew? The recipe is usually 1 gallon of cold water, add 9 tea bags, let sit in the sun to brew. How long to sit in the sun? That is up to you, shorter time (hour or 2) will lead to weaker tea and longer (4 + hours) leads to stronger tea. I normally let mine sit all day (8 hours?) Well I decided to get a jumpstart on my tea last night and filled my jar and set it outside afer dark, before I went to bed, that way my tea would get sunshine starting at sunrise. Yeah...... must be the moon decided it wanted to brew some tea last night because when I checked my jar at 8:00 AM it was brewed to perfection! I didn't know that tea could brew in cold water!!!!!! Why else would they make special "Cold Brew" tea??????
Anyway, I am enjoying my "Moon Tea" LOL


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