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The life of a long haired, barefoot, crochetin' momma

Monday, March 20, 2006

New Name for my Blog

Ok, so when I started my blog, I wanted it to be about my journey of growing my hair long. (My goal is for my hair to reach floor length) In the months that have passed since my Blog's creation, I have learned to crochet and NOW I talk more about crocheting here than my hair (which now reaches my tailbone) which takes me to my new Blog name "Crafty Crochet (cro-shay)" I think it fits... On, I added my "Custom Title: A long haired, barefoot, crocheting momma" (does this mean I am a Hippy born in the wrong decade???) which is also what I am using for my subtitle here on blogger. Some FYI about ME: I am a stay at home Mom of 4 kids - DD13, DD9, DS6, and DD4. My hubby (of 11 years) works as a local truck driver. Over the years, we have struggled (emotionally) of him being OTR (over the road - meaning gone 1, 2, sometimes 3 weeks at a time) and now he is happy with a local company (and so are me and the kids) As already noted, I LOVE my long hair, and I LOVE going barefoot (which also means I wear shoes only when needed)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Olympics, purse swap and more

Well, to start with my Olympic sweater is STILL not finished I got so sick of all the sc's for the sleeves! I set it aside for a couple days, made some smaller projects, started my sister's "Beth's Little Star Afghan" for her baby boy which is due April 16, and picked the sweater back up, long enough to sew up the sleeves, start 1 1/2 rows of the ruffle/body, and that's it.... I was so excited about this one too!
On a good note, I FINALLY got my purse done and sent (late no less) to my "Crochetville Spring Tote/Purse Swap" partner I never got a pic of it before I sent it, but she did :) (Go check her Blog and see! She has a cute kitty too!)
I have also joined Crochetville's stole/shawl swap. This should be a breeze (I hope!) I made my SMIL (Hubby's step mother) a wonderfully fluffy shawl using the "winged hair kerchief" pattern from Crochetville and some of Wal-Mart's NoBo (No Boundaries) novelty yarn. It's kinda a chenille & mohair blend. Very soft, fuzzy and warm. She loves it!
I also made a bunch of hats lately, my fave pattern right now is the "Brimmed Granny Skull Cap" by Michelle Grissam. (Crochet Pattern A Day Calendar Thursday April 6, 2006) I have made 3 so far, using an I hook and Red Heart yarn (but no eyelash or flower); 1 was a blue verigation, 1 was camoflague, and 1 was red, white and blue (called Stars and Stripes) My 9 year old daughter has the blue and my 3 year old niece has the camo. My daughter's friend from school is getting the red, white and blue.
My 9 year old daughter also is learning to crochet! YAY! She learned to chain last night. If you have any good EASY patterns for kids to make, please send them my way!
Well, I guess I have rambled on enough for one Blog entry!