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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ruffly Santa Scarf

I started with this pattern
then saw this pattern
Sooooo what I ended up doing was this:

Susan Bates J hook
Using Red Worsted Weight acrylic yarn
Chain 213 (My Birthday Feb 13) LOL
Row 1 - 1 DC in each chain, chain 2, turn
Row 2 - 2 DC's in each DC of Row 1, chain 2, turn
Row 3 - 3 DC's in each DC of Row 2, finish off
Row 4 - (Done in a White fun fur type yarn) Attach yarn in first DC of Row 3, 1 SC in each stitch across to the end
Finish off, weave in ends, and Admire!!!!

(This turned out to be very long, so I suggest to make a chain as long as your arms stretched fingertip to fingertip)
FYI: Wooly Wormhead uses British terms, so for American terms, substitute SC for DC and DC for TREBLE (See below)

Row 1 - SC to end (SC once into each chain)

Row 2 - DC twice into each chain (increase row)

Row 3 - DC twice into each chain (increase row)

R0w 4 - DC once into each chain

Row 5 - SC into each chain


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