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Thursday, November 30, 2006

My favorite Movie: The Point!

This is my favorite movie EVER!!! I still don't own it :( I'm hoping Santa will put it under my Christmas tree this year! The Point: DVD: Ringo Starr,Paul Frees,Lennie Weinrib,Bill Martin (IV),Buddy Foster,Joan Gerber,Mike Lookinland,Alan Thicke,Dustin Hoffman,Alan Barzman,Fred Wolf,Harry Nillson

Harry Nilsson wrote the entirely hummable songs (including the hit, "Me and My Arrow") for this charming, 1971 animation feature about a boy with a round head who is banished from the land of pointy-headed people. An allegory about nonconformism presented in a delightful way, this is a treat for everybody. Ringo Starr, the late Nilsson's old pal, narrates. --Tom Keogh

Singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson wrote and produced this touching animated tale in 1971, and contributed some classic songs for the soundtrack. The soft Liverpudlian lilt of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr narrates the tale, telling the story of Oblio: A sad outcast from the village of "Point." largely eschewed by the local villagers due to his round head. The adventures of Oblio and his trusty sidekick dog Arrow subsequently take shape in the "Pointless Forest," a wonderland filled with colorful characters and some enchanting secrets. in 1971, this ageless fable, featuring the voices of a variety of talented performers, is narrated by RINGO STARR, and contains many classic NILSSON songs, including the memorable "Me and My Arrow." Finally available on DVD, the entire family—from children to grandparents—will delight in this enchanting tale!


  • At Friday, December 08, 2006 8:57:00 AM, Anonymous Itchy Killmore said…

    I was just surfing for knitting and I happened to come across this entry. Yes! The Point is a wonderful movie! I grew up watching it and I even have my original VHS still. Thank goodness for us they released it on DVD. Hello to a fellow "Pointer."


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