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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hat, scarf and doggie sweater DONE

I finally got Wendie's (DD13) Griffyndor scarf and hat DONE last night! I made Daizy (our Boston Terrier) a sweater today. She is a short haired breed (like a pug) and with the weather going to be COLD, WINDY and SNOWY for Thanksgiving Day (2 feet or more!!!!) Daizy really needed something to keep her warm while she is outside.

Hat was done using this pattern: Cone Hat for all Sizes (The longer version)
Scarf inspired by this site: atypically.knit Hogwarts scarves
Doggie Sweater found here (with a few alterations): Jack's Sweater and I added a crocheted Daisy to the back shoulders of the sweater using the instructions here: Crocheted Daisy Apron scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I will add pictures as soon as I get some taken :)


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