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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hat and scarf

Yesterday I made matching UBW Hats for my 3 year old daughter and my SMIL (StepMother In Law aka My Husband's Step-Mother) Here is the one I made for my daughter:

It's not very UGLY is it???? But it IS warm!

Tomorrow is my SMIL's Birthday. We hare having a Surprise party for her today. I made her hat yesterday while she was here. She wore it home and I said, "You need a scarf to match". Here is the scarf I worked on last night and finished this morning:

Hmmm doesn't look much like a scarf does it? Well take a look at my sweetie WEARING the set:

Isn't she cute???

I made the scarf following the instructions found HERE for "woolly wormhead's ripping yarns" Crocheted Version of the curly whirly scarf.
I used 2 strands held together to create each. The yarn I used was "Bernat Coordinates Sprots Weight" color 1010 115. It's a white baby yarn with one strand of ummmm shiny-ness. The second yarn was Worsted Weight "Red Heart Baby Teri" color 9588 Lavender. Tlak about wearing a cloud! This stuff is super soft! 2 strands of a lavender color and one stradn that's furry. I wish the pictures could show just how nice they really look done together!!!
I will TRY to get a pic of my camera-shy SMIL wearing her new set....


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